Get the skills you need to become a confident business manager.

One of the main benefits of working and studying at the same time is the application of the different contents in the workplace.

There is a popular phrase by Benjamin Franklin that says: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”.

Being immersed in a project or a job related to the degree you are studying helps you to consolidate your knowledge, to apply it and, most importantly, be able to resolve mistakes or doubts in a very short period of time. In addition to the classroom
experience, which enriches the students’ training.

When the course begins?

September 2023

How is the study mode?

Full – time


1 year



Why Study Business Management?

Our course will introduce you to different organisations and external environments, so you can understand how they operate and are managed as businesses.

You’ll develop your business and management skills while being exposed to scenarios and real-world problems that will make you think outside the box.

Your communication and critical thinking skills will be tested and stretched through a range of coursework, helping you to become a confident and innovative manager of the future.

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    All about the course

    1 Year

    Campus in Madrid

    Enjoy university life in a cosmopolitan city full of life. Discover the emblematic places, meet students from all over the world and take advantage of your free time with leisure activities that you will only experience in Madrid.

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    What subjects are studied at bsc hons business management?

    Strategic Management
    20 credits
    International Business
    20 credits
    International Business
    20 credits
    Intercultural Marketing
    20 credits
    New Venture Creation
    20 credits
    Business Ethics
    20 credits
    TOTAL CREDITS BSc (Hons) in Business Management: 120


    The MSMK University student profile is that of a person with initiative, digital vision, positive attitude and firm conviction, that designs or wants to design their future, restless, curious, capable of doing and solving, used to deciding, with ideas, and that these are capable of becoming projects, generates an environment of entrepreneurship, be able to interact with others, etc.

    Students who:

    • Wish to work in business environments and dedicate themselves to coordination and management.
    • Entrepreneurial spirit. The degree provides students with the tools they need to create and manage a company.
    • Logical-analytical skills. The degree prepares the student to analyse markets and their competencies. 
    • Digital economy. It incorporates training elements related to the digital economy and the use of new technologies.
    • Chartered Accountant 
    • Accounting Technician 
    • Financial Advisor
    • Business Manager 
    • Business Development 
    • Manager Business 
    • Advisor Office Manage
    • Channel Marketing
    • Manager Sales and Promotion
    • Marketing Executive Communications
    • Planner Digital Marketing Executive